Eight years…

Eight years feels like a lifetime. But I certainly know it’s not. It flew by in the blink of an eye, or rather a

click of a poker.


I want to share with you some things I’ve learned over these last 8 years A TOP TEN list if you will.


1.The experienced T1 moms were and still are right. They are the BTDT of my world. Everything they

told me and continue to tell me is like a look into my future.

And they will be surviving.


2. Those same T1 moms (that I kind of hated in the beginning ‘cause they knew everything) would

become my closest friends, cheerleaders, advocates, and shoulders to cry on.

And they will tell you that you will survive.


3. I would send my son to school with a sugar of 400.

Correct that nonsense.

Peck on the cheek.

Slap on the butt.

Have a nice day!

And he will survive.


4. Number 3 does not make me a bad mom, in fact, it makes me a great mom.

And survival seems like we’re low balling.


5. There will be people that refuse to learn about type 1 diabetes, people that know ‘too much for their

own good’ about type 1 diabetes, those that know nothing but want to learn, and those that are

completely indifferent to type 1 diabetes. It’s my job to be educate and be patient with them all.

You pray for their survival in the meantime.


6. Both you and your kid forgetting you have Type 1 diabetes can be a good thing in most cases.

Survive, hell, thrive.


7. When you are 50 miles from home, your POD (diabetes insulin pump) will fail, and you will not have

any insulin.

Or the test strip container sounded like it had more strips than it really does.

Or the insulin you thought was fast acting, was indeed, long acting. Why do they look so similar?

And you will cry, and then survive.


8. You will stay awake checking blood sugar and blood ketones every hour on the hour for as long as it

takes when your child with Type 1 diabetes is sick.

And you will drink coffee likes it’s air, and survive.


9.Swimming in oceans, going on bike rides, sleepovers at friends house, roller coasters and other

activities that out of arms reach are going to cause stress. Stress and worry like no one can ever

understand unless you’re a mom or dad of a child with T1.

And you both will hold your breath until your back on firm ground, and of course, survive.


10, Your kid’s friends’ parents will tell you that you are doing an awesome job with him, because of how

he handles his diabetes like a boss.


Like. A. Boss.


Survival is for amateurs…more like kicking ass and taking names.


Like. A. Boss.